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Care advice for jewelry!

Wear your jewelry to help prevent tarnish!

Over time oxidation reactions can occur in silver jewelry, especially with sulfur and oxygen, causing silver to become tarnished.
Wearing and handling will slow the oxidation process and keep your silver polished, shiny and beautiful. It will eventually develop a beautiful silver patina. Enjoy wearing your jewelry - don't keep it tucked away just for special occasions!

Store correctly to minimize tarnish and scratches
Minimize tarnish as well as scratches by storing your jewelry in individual small plastic bags, as well as separate jewelry box.

Use a polishing cloth
One of the best way to clean your jewelry is with a professional jewelry polishing cloth. The cloth is treated with cleaning chemicals and not only will the cloth last a long time, it will give you an amazing shine each and every time.

Minerals spas are great - just remove your silver before you jump in!
Salt water and chlorinated pools is not good for your silver jewelry be also careful with rings when you do heavy work with your hands to avoid damage on your jewelry.